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Assalamualaikum and hello, o awesome readers!

I guess I'm pretty cool person. I like be positive, helping others, writing and exploring.  Also a fan of happy ending. Even life is too serious as it is. This blog i called as my second heart. Everything with Allah blessing, i'll share those awesome moments in my life. Overall i think is a lot about my family. 'Cause i love them....LOL.

Thanks for all your support! It means a lot. Anyway, welcome to my life.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Please recover fast, Anas!

I knew Anas was admitted last few days because URTI.
(Upper respiratory tract infection)
Affected by haze i guess.
When my sister sent this picture. I was like... Oh my sweet pie.
"Let him sleep. He need it. "
He looks super tired and exhausted.
I pray and wish him the best.
Please recover fast, Anas!

P/s: Your sister and brother cannot wait to fight with you.
: ) 

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Novel: Kisah yang sempurna (Prolog)


Dengan rasa terkejut, dia bertanya balik. "You want me to find what?!"

"A wife."

Selamba Daddynya menuturkan kata-kata tersebut. Bagaikan perkara tersebut seperti itu adalah antara projek-projek biasa yang diuruskan seharian. Yang mana boleh selesai dalam masa sehari. Like ballon dia akan tunaikan... A wife? Never in this million years. Tanpa ada ribut taufan, Daddy berjumpanya dan membuat permintaan yang boleh dikira sebagai suatu yang tak masuk dek akal. Pasti Daddynya ada terhantuk mana-mana sewaktu datang kerja pagi tadi. Dan membuta keputusan, Yeah today, I want a daughter in law. What the fish! 

Dia menggaru kepala yang tidak gatal. Selepas beberapa ketika, dia membuka mulut, "Dad, why not we discuss this later. You know, I'm old enough to make my own decision." And let me live my own life. Please.

"No. Daddy and Mummy tired see how you so workaholic and make scandal with every women come to your life. And Daddy want your answer now! Is it yes or no."

"Like come on Dad. Let me think about that first. Give me time."

"Fine. Daddy bagi dua bulan.." Belum sempat dia membantah, Daddy meneruskan kata. "And if you fail untuk perkenalkan your wife to us, I will disinherit you. I'm deadly serious. Kamal looks suitable for this position."

Ayat terakhir Daddy membuatkan dia panas. Dan bangun dari kerusi empuknya. "You won't dare."

"Bring it on. Why not... dia juga hebat dalam kelasnya tersendiri."

"In a dirty ways. And it's a big no." Dan imagine pulak dia terpaksa bekerja di bawah Kamal. Over his dead body!

"Semuanya terpulang pada kamu. You choose, and you decide."

You choose, and you decide? Diulang ayat Daddy beberapa kali. Bunyi macam dia boleh membuat keputusan lain. Tapi sebenarnya, tidak. Keluhan kasar dilepaskan. Why, why? You're being unfair Dad.

Melihat dia speechless, Daddy mendapatkannya. Bahunya dirangkul. "Look son, I want you to settle down. I can't trust you to run this company while still a bachelor. You know what i mean right. Too much distraction. Banyak dugaan... And you're already 28 years old. Kahwinlah and i will give you everything. Let me retired peacefully, teman Mummy dekat rumah. Kami juga bukannya semakin muda. What if I die without seeing my grand kids?"

Pasrah, I feel like one. "I'm not interested in marriage and-"

"Are you gay?"

"What! No!"

Daddy menarik nafas lega. "You scared me."

"You're the one who scared me," Dia balas tanpa perasaan.

Mereka diam seketika. "Okay, Daddy terpaksa pergi. And oh. Mya Fariza, anak kepada Datuk Deraman, fancies you. Calon yang sesuai. Later your Mummy will arrange it, if you want."

Dia tarik nafas panjang. "Urgh! Seriously Dad. Mya Fariza? Never I'll get married to that type of women."

"Up to you." Dan Daddy berlalu keluar daripada biliknya.

Selepas Daddy hilang daripada pandangannya. Dia berpeluk tubuh dan tingkap kaca yang memperlihatkan bandaraya kota Kuala Lumpur di pandang kosong. Dua bulan, 60 hari, 1440 jam, dan 86 400 minit. Within these two months... everything gonna change. I have to choose my own wife. Even marriage is not for me. 

Just, where can i find her?


I'm not sure if i really that talented enough. May i looks like randomly wrote i like and don't care if anyone will read about this or not. Hahhaha... I don't know this novel will take how long to complete. Why just take a seat, enjoy and wait for next entries. 

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Be cool


In this life, 
One thing I really want myself to be reminded everytime and everyday ... that wasting time is no need.
In subjective of to prove which i was a good enough.
Like i seen those who addicted posting at FB, Instagram, Twitter for every kindness they are doing.

I'm not a God's daughter to say all this are wrong.
That between you and Allah.
Just the uncomfortable feeling for me.
Where there will 'lil encounters for ikhlas/sincere vs riak/show of...
I hope this is not a trend.

People will not get it what my truly inside soul.
Same goes to everyone.
We only contactly by physical appearance.
That's a bias.
But I believe someday someoneone will know me or you by outside and inside.
The good and bad side.
Because it's dangerous if people realize the best of us instead, ourselves being caught by shadow from the worst side.
Oh Masyaallah.
May Allah bless me and you.

For now, 
In this case...
My family is whom i guaranteed know me well.
Yeah, that's normal.
And may some of my friends also.
I think.

Profit of being a good person is worth it.
Like a treasure a gold @ pahala.
Some may smooth, some may adventurer.
So when you're a winner.
Why must we show of those gold?
For what reason?
Neither you want to be respect, get more friends or you want people take advantage of you.
Be careful dear.
Like I said previously, we only knew by physical appearance...

My last words...
Just stay good.
Be good.
And be cool.