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I guess I'm pretty cool person. I like be positive, helping others, writing and exploring.  Also a fan of happy ending. Even life is too serious as it is. This blog i called as my second heart. Everything with Allah blessing, i'll share those awesome moments in my life. Overall i think is a lot about my family. 'Cause i love them....LOL.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Negeriku Johor


Salam merdeka!
Happy national day, Malaysian.
I think average all bloggers will post story about our country.
Keep it up, bro.
But not me.
My focus... more my tanah tumpah tempat lahirku.
Negeri Johor!

Southern portion of Malaysia yang just opposite Singapore.
If korang stand up at Tambak Johor or pantai Lido, nampak la negara jiran tuh.
What's so special about Johor?
In my point of view?
Grab a popcorn, 
I will bring you to a Lalala land, dear.

Obviously because of bandar/small town.... Kota Tinggi.
I was born and studied there.
: )
After SPM barulah i travel.
Tengok negeri orang pulak.
FYI. Untill now, my parents still stayed there. On same land with new decoration house.
Bia i cakap i balik kampong.
That's it.
Oh, my precious hometown.

Second...after family... let's see the kesultanan.
It's about royal legation.
If you all perasan, 
Even though we have YB/Yang Amat Berhormat or any perwakilan rakyat.
They can voice out and did a decision.
But, remember...
In Johor,
Sultan is more powerful.
No means no.
Only in Johor.
I love my king and queen.
And the prince and princess...too.

As you drove all along JB, 
You mesti rasa like in oversea. Cause 50:50 Malaysian and Singaporean car.
Sabar jek lah.
Tu baru kereta, nak jumpa orangnya?
Gi those shopping mall.
Especially masa perayaan.
Orang kita dengan diorang macam perang dalam jualan murah.

Other yang aku suka about Johor is we all have sekolah Agama.
This yang make i proud.
Donno about you.
We have to finish school until 'Darjah Khas', means the highest level.
And i did!
Thanks sebab until now, masih dilaksanakan.
Mendidik agama daripada rebungnya/sejak kecil.
One day, my child will go here.
One fine day.

I love food.
Mee bandung Johor.
Laksa Johor.
Beriani gam.
And those lovely taste.
Jalanlah kaki melangkah.
Pasti sana sini ad nampak makanan sedop and paling penting. It's halal.

After again is,
Johor is along sea/laut/air...
Come with all those beach and waterfall yang cantik.
Memang so nature and very earth.
Memang sepandan with what i like.
Pulaunya lagi,
Sangat menerujakan.
Memang the best.

And additional.
We have the best football club.
JDT, Johor Darul Takzim.
Under our TMJ,... Oldest sultan son.
I die hard fan of this team. 
Yang sangat happening and sangat dibenci haters.
All i can said.
May because of the highest salary, top facalities and pembangunan football stadium baru.
Other than Larkin yang kebal.
After this team bangkit barulah minat bola tu ada.
And tak segan tengok liga Malaysia.
Kejar, yop...kehar!

Penat type.
Just why not you all visit Johor.
All will be welcome. 
Warming greet.
Selamat datang.
Happy national day, Johor and my country, Malaysia!

Mak aku soh attach kan sekali pix nih. Buat saper yang tak pernah jejak Johor.
Aku tahu korang punye geografi mesti "C" kan...
: )

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Tengok-tengok-jengah-jengah... cam budak nih dah pandai merangkak. Nice port dipilihnya.
Tapi rghupa-ghupanya...bergaya jek lebih.
Peah oh peah.
Seb bek ko nih cute lagi comeh amat-amat.
Aunty bagi chance until next month.
If so difficult, nanti aunty curik-curik ajar hang berjalan terus.
Hang nak lari terus?!
Wallaweh... demand lebih la ini budak.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kids nowadays


Few minutes ago,
I'm chatting through whats-app with my family members.
Then, my younger sister (teacher-to-be) told a story about her practical experience.
And one of the story is....a big shocked for me.
How kids nowadays had minded like that.
Who supposed to be blamed?
And the right person to act first?

The story is about two student (boys) standard three who catch one girl and try to open/selak her long skirt in front of the classroom.
So rude!

We all discussing about this matter like those PIBG members.
All opinion will be considered.
Because we're felt so scared of children in future.
One of my sister said,
"I'm gonna take my daughter to a teakwando class."
"Willing or not."
"It's a must."

Behalf of my point of view...
This is a serious matter.
Parents, teacher or who else surround them must take an action.
Before you all regret it.

That boy.
100% gonna be blame.
That girl.
10% of trauma.
Pity them.
So, 'lil bit of guidance, 'lil of advice...
They gonna try to change.
Because we all know,
It's about their phase of growth.
We learnt from mistake.

To any parents,
When you have a son/daughter... you added a highest role of someone future.
From that baby delivered, your duty is started.
How you gonna make them a successful person.
Not only in Dhunya but also at Akhirah.
Surely look easy, but indeed.
: )

We cannot control their life,
Like our father/mother try to control us.
But we try to guide in a right pathway.
We cannot control internet and technology.
Like exposure of games and porn.
But we can limit that by do others activity.

Same goes to Islam.
We cannot force non muslim to be a muslim.
But we can try make them decide a right religion to them.
By a good guidance and exposure.
Whatever it is...
You must have a strong iman, a strong facts, a good leadership in yourself.