Monday, October 27, 2014

Surah al Baqarah: 23-24

Assalamualaikum semua.

We met again in this 3rd of Muharram 1436H...
Panjang umur.
Murah rezeki.

So basically, I like to share something amazing and beautiful about the ayah (ayat) in Quran.
That I read yesterday morning.
Really, Sunday morning?
What to say.

As tahun sebelum-sebelumya, aku baca Quran macam biasa,

But, this year of hijrah...
I still baca but, but.... better in understanding it's meaning!
Great ya know.
Even sometime rasa ralat 'cause only dapat one page per day...
Semata-mata betul-betul nak memahami every single words.
And i love how is it flow.
: )

And go back to the main part,
Let's refer to ayah 23-24:

Nah, i give double translation...bahasa and English.

I don't want to know what you faham from this ayah,
But to me... i can see how greatest Allah is, charming Quran is...
Cause the truth/fact is, until now... non other powerful human now or even from old generation in this world can make a better book than Quran.

And why not we'll watch this creative video to make it more real,
As more prove maybe.
: )

|| Palindrome Miracle in Quran | GBMProductions | Nouman Ali Khan || HD

It's related to what i read!
Love more.
And more... to this kitab.

And i'm happy cause i can post it to you'll to understood even short ayah (ayat).
Then, we're fair and square!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Salam maal hijrah 1436H


: )
Masih diberi nafas baru,
Masih kesempatan untuk melayari nikmat hidup.
Masih diberi peluang membuka 'new book'  bagi menggubah diri ini menjadi muslim/muslimah yang lebih baik.

Alhamdulillah sekali lagi.
I had some words to say in memorizing 1435H.
That i already posted in my FB :

We're smiling but we're close to tears, even after these years.
(yeah, for every single sin that kadangkala kita sedar ataupun tidak)

And the whisper in your ear saying 'set it free'.
(setiap keinsafan ialah melalui... melepaskan apa yang kita punya)

And a word on your mind today,
is forgiveness.
(dan satu ayat untuk hari ini dan untuk selamanya ialah sebuah kemaafan...ikhlas)

Salam maal hijrah kepada semua.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Perbelanjaan kewangan mengikut Quran


I like to share a very nice video with you'll.
It's about bagaimana kita perlu belanjakan wang mengikut Quran.
Spending your money in Islamic ways.
Good, huh.

And FYI,
it's from Youtube-NAKcollection,
(subscribed it if you like)
....cause all his video are so amazing.

It's simple but a lot of meaning.
; )
Check it out:

Spend Wisely | Quran Gems