Sunday, February 01, 2015

Daun itu warna hijau.


Now, I'm here at my lovely kampung. Baru sampai semalam.
Very tiring day and so exhausted.
Lucky me sempat kejar tiket yang kol 4pm. Allah menguji umatnya bila time aku nak balik, emergency caesar came.

And 2.30 baru dapat get out from hospital. Kejar naik train, ktm.
And makan tak lagi?
So subway cheese and steak menjadi pilihan : )

Today, aku pepagi dah bangun and wanna  creat a wonderful day blasted. Hohoooo.
So guys, see you in next post.
Don't kacau me.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Throwback, : )


How about this statement:
Late night conversations make you learn a lot about people.

: )
Agree 101%
And conversation... i remembered about my ex-hospital.
We all umur lebih kurang around 30-20 an. So our chemistry are young minded.
We like to eat, late.
Dinner after work.
Once a month i think. Or more.

Ordered tak ingat dunia.
Laugh. Kutuk mengutuk. Get out from stress and smiling more.
Like tomorrow, no need go to work.

This mak cik, ialah the master of planning. Any programme, any event.
Sob, sob...
Missed them.
One day, i want go back to that hospital... and lepaking at their pantry.
Like a boss.

And please don't forget bring along your buah tangan.
Chocolate cake?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Long Time View: My instagram.


Salam ahad.
Gegegege... weekend sudah bah.

So, my topic?
I just want to share about my Instagram account. Lol.
Actually this insta bukak quite long.
Cuma tak active.
Lagi tiada productivity nyer.

Early dec last year baru aku ada hati nak menjengah. Itu pon after my friend push me.
Give me ur insta username!?
So, barulah aku terkedek-kedek login. Fuh, luckily the password is correct.
10 points for me.

And let me see.
No post, no following.
But 132 followers.
Okay, did I miss something?

As a permulaan, aku post random pix yang make my day tahap cipan.
Time passing by,
Aku cam...
Hurm, why not aku post pix what I had in my own blog.
Precious moments tuh beb.
And here i'm.

So, be please looking forward my insta account: Angsaku/ Adibah Shahrudin.